Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy February! It was a busy January!

Often I wanted to write a post, yet life did not cooperate so I could get the thoughts out of my head and into written words. Sometimes I think that happens because the thoughts are still evolving (or need to!!), and sometimes I think it is part of developing patience. The world, and even the rhythms of my own self/life are not according to my own wishes and planning.  After the fact, I understand and am even happy things turned out *better* than my own planning! Yet during the situation, I can feel stuck or frustrated....

So, January was full of unexpected things!
* I began weekly scheduled meetings with a dear friend, rather than rely on chance or our texts/calls throughout the weeks.

* I still feel as changed as I did as the new year began. That mental/emotional/energy shift was real.

* I began working with trainers 3x per week, and have, since Jan 9th when I began, made measurable changes to my body composition and strength. I am even beginning to see small but positive changes to my sleeping issues!  (I *will* write about this in a separate post!)

January was also full of happy things!

* I am struggling with seasonal lack of light (this is not new!), yet my functioning this year at this "worst" time is far *better* than any recent year. This is amazing because since 2010, major issues in the lives of family have come one after another with no breather....or have come piled on top of each other like a bad car wreck! And all that on top of financially and logistically settling in after a forced (but ultimately good!) move in 2011 for me. *Better* is always a huge thing! *Better* is a happy thing to me!

* I have specific commitments in my community that I have kept. I have been so nourished by weekly worship in the last year, and I am so thrilled to be an active member of the volunteer worship ministry.

*I read/finished a book that had NOTHING to do with business, academics, or incorporation! This is huge as it has been over a year since I have done what most might call "pleasure reading".

There are more things that are happy.....but I have breakfast to make and appointments to get ready for, so I have to stop for now.  I did need and want to document........