Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for a visit from Irene!

According to reports, the storm will likely be less powerful when it arrives here...BUT there are tall trees near me, and if one falls it could be a problem!!  Also, hard to tell what the utility situation might be (electric, gas, water) if there is damage in the area or region.  Wish I had a camp stove to boil water in case it comes to that....but for now I am filling many jugs and containers with water.

I have sufficient food that needs no cooking nor cooling (nut butters, dried fruit, nuts, canned tuna and manual can opener, powered milk, v-8 juice) I know I won't starve!  My electronics are charged up, and I have safe candles which will burn for days safely.

Whatever the outcome, these last few days have given me some changes to make to my inventory so I can be prepared for potential outages.

I am grateful for the conveniences of urban living and public transportation......and I have lost some of the preparedness I practiced when I lived very rurally. Irene has reminded me that some of those practices are doable AND necessary in the city!

Be safe, and help others however you are able!  

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Loving life today....

Well to be fair not just today.....and not "loving" some of the challenges that have landed squarely in front of me in the last year....yet on balance, life is good.

Small healthy breakfast at home today, heading to water for a few days to hang with some dear people of all ages....

I am sleeping better in the last week, and the temperature outside my open window is both summery and sweetly cool. It is amazing what good and sufficient sleep will do!

I am finally unpacking more (although still very slowly!!) and deciding what I need for organizing and furniture.

There is much unsure in the perhaps nearer than I would like future....more traveling to provide some help and respite for others, and another relocation is not out of the question. Not what I want (the relo), but what I have wholeheartedly committed to do when it is required.

And with that, have let it go until it is the reality in front of me. I have today to deal with...and love!