Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hollow words....

She said "vicious and mean-spirited"....

If they were even her own thoughts/words, they are at best not really about the present, nor about my action.

They are hollow words, but they still have an echo.

I saw the emotion on her face and in her posture as she left that morning....so real emotion showed up for sure.....this is a good thing.

Yet, how she has that emotion explained/labeled/attributed to an action of mine is not part of any logic nor reality of the present.

Silence was not an option....someday she may see that. Silence was the old way; I told the facts of what happened to me to another person who needed to know so precautions could be taken to rule out a repeat (or worse). I told when it was clear she was going to put others at risk because she "didn't think" anything would happen. I quietly warned her I would be making the call and why.

And I would do it again.

I do not live in the frozen silence anymore. Realizing that for certain is a gift of this experience. I must say, I would have preferred a much less disruptive illustration of that fact...!

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