Friday, March 11, 2011

Unpacking and updating on a grey rainy day....

My walk will have to wait until later; the rain is very steady, and my coat is not yet dry from last night's walk.

Perfect opportunity to avoid one thing by doing something else I need to do.....unpacking!  I already have the basics of the kitchen set up, and have been cooking meals at home most of the time.  I first thought that the abundance of interesting restaurants and takeouts in my immediate neighborhood would prolong the time of eating out because it was faster, more comforting, or under the "cost of moving" umbrella.  Luckily for my wallet, I am quite content to cook since I have more counter space than my last apartment.  I will never again live in a place that doesn't have enough counter space OR is without windows in the kitchen! I am loving the light from the 2 windows.

I am also about 25% through my contact list of businesses, friends, and family that need my new info. Little bit everyday is working....

So, on to reclaiming space in the living room as I unpack, unpack, unpack, and find a place for everything!

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