Sunday, March 20, 2011


I prefer to deal with what is, or the fact that I prefer not to answer or discuss something.  This is probablly one of the few areas that I even resemble "yes or no; black or white" thinking.

I can keep a confidence....and do, for a variety of friends and family. 

Versions of reality, well, I don't have the desire nor energy to remember what the "story" is!  I don't do it anymore in my life, and I really don't want to do it for anyone else.  It doesn't feel good; it's too complicated; it is dishonest, and affects many many relationships. 

A confidence is the feeling or worry or joy you are sharing with me.

A version is a cover story...... parts may be true, and parts may be omitted. That doesn't sound so bad, right?  Well, too much energy, and many people can tell when there is more to the story. Even if they don't question further right then, they walk away with a weird feeling....

I prefer to stick to a responsive answer, or that I am not discussing that subject (whether it be just at this time, or with the questioner).   

I will keep a confidence; *please* don't ask me to get involved in the versions.

Ultimately, everyone involved ends up feeling bad or alienated.


  1. I totally agree...I cannot keep versions straight...especially when they aren't correct versions...I just stay out of all of it...always...conflict and secrets and such make me want to puke...

    on a happy note...there is a little surprise here for you...