Friday, May 27, 2011

Recovering and settling in....

Still recovering from the emotional whiplash of everything going on around me...and to some extent in me. Lots of musing!.....but little writing here or *anywhere*!  I am really struggling with getting consistant and sufficient sleep at the moment........well really this is not a new issue. With so little sleep, or barely any restorative sleep, I am "foggy-headed" even when awake and moving about in the world. This state doesn't lend itself to writing for various reasons....although this state *does* add to frustration, and a sense of disconnect. 

I am grateful for the feeling of snails' pace movement....because it *is* movement, after all!!

Grateful and frustrated are difficult places to be bouncing rapidly between...... another type of whiplash.


  1. oh I KNOW that feeling...feel like you're wading through jello your whole day long...

    Hoping you'll get more sleep SOON!

    BTW, did you ever get in contact with Nikki over at LittleMe123 for the birdy block you won? If not, just tell her Amy sent you...she's on facebook under littleme123 :)

  2. Slogging through oatmeal.....wading through jello....yes, I believe we are on the same page on that!!

    And Nikki made me a great block that I am gazing at as I type this! grin grin grin!!