Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for a visit from Irene!

According to reports, the storm will likely be less powerful when it arrives here...BUT there are tall trees near me, and if one falls it could be a problem!!  Also, hard to tell what the utility situation might be (electric, gas, water) if there is damage in the area or region.  Wish I had a camp stove to boil water in case it comes to that....but for now I am filling many jugs and containers with water.

I have sufficient food that needs no cooking nor cooling (nut butters, dried fruit, nuts, canned tuna and manual can opener, powered milk, v-8 juice) I know I won't starve!  My electronics are charged up, and I have safe candles which will burn for days safely.

Whatever the outcome, these last few days have given me some changes to make to my inventory so I can be prepared for potential outages.

I am grateful for the conveniences of urban living and public transportation......and I have lost some of the preparedness I practiced when I lived very rurally. Irene has reminded me that some of those practices are doable AND necessary in the city!

Be safe, and help others however you are able!  

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